toxic clean-out


Clean vs. Toxic

This program will help you determine the clean, toxic-free products, versus the everyday products that contain cancer causing carcinogenic products reeking havoc on your body, health, and and wellness. Let's take a deep dive into what toxic products you can remove from your life!

Environmental Working Group

"Know your Environment. Protect Your Health."-EWG

We will use this world renown cosmetic database to search your current cosmetic and personal care products to determine what products you should eliminate and where you can make some healthier toxic-free changes.  

Reading Product Labels

Can you even pronounce that ingredient? What are they putting in our cosmetic, personal care, and cleaning products and what are they doing to your body? Lets work together to learn how to chose toxic-free and safer ingredients in our products but learning to read those product labels. 

Kid Products

Can you believe it, these deadly chemicals and ingredients are even in the products sold for babies, children, and adolescents?!? We will sort through safer products for your family as well.

Where to Shop

We will work together to eliminate the toxicity from your life by learning more about your exposure to harmful cosmetic, cleaning, and personal care products. We will focus on introducing safe, toxic-free products by using my personal database and working to find the best pricing and places to shop for these safer products!

What's Included:

  • Your choice of two 60 minute FaceTime sessions or four 30 minute FaceTime sessions
  • Literature to support toxic-free living; article, documentary, book, and podcast suggestions
  • Toxic-free store shopping guides
  • Unlimited text and email support
  • Free worksheets and helpful resources