Pantry Raid


Organic vs. Conventional

The quality of the food you are putting into your body really does matter! Here we will deep dive into organic, GMO verified, and conventional products and determine how we can clean up what we are eating.

Sustainable Resources

What can you do to have a positive impact on the environment? Lets check out your local resources and figure out how you too can be sustainable.

Eat Local

Is there a local farmers market, farmer, co-op, CSA? Lets dive in to find some local resources so you can reap the benefits of eating local while supporting your local farms and markets. 

Reading Labels

Can you even pronounce that ingredient? What are they putting in our food and what is it doing to our bodies? Lets work together to learn how to breakdown those overwhelming food labels.

Where to Shop

Intimidated by those "specialty" grocery stores? Lets talk about where to shop, what products you should be buying from those stores and how to grocery shop on a budget.

To Keep or to Toss

I promise I won't judge! This is our chance to do some deep cleaning, tossing what needs to go, allowing only the best of the best to claim real estate in your pantry.

What's Included:

  • One 60 minute in person or FaceTime session 
  • Healthy recipes and grocery store shopping guides
  • Unlimited text and email support for 1 month post Pantry Raid